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About The Project

RL Solutions is a medical software company based out of Toronto. They provide the tools needed to gather and leverage data to drive improvement initiatives.



Wanting to deviate from the traditional static booth display, the client had an idea for presenting their product information in the form of an Augmented Reality scavenger hunt. Guests were provided with an Ipad and directed to explore a large graphic printed on the wall of their booth. As they came closer to a point of interest, a flurry of particles would be displayed followed by a virtually superimposed themed playing card. Once tapped, this virtual playing card would flip over to display the features of the software component being explained. Once all of the cards have been collected, the guest is instructed to collect their prize from a booth attendant. 


This experience was built using Vuforia, Maya, Unity, and our proprietary content creation toolkit VERA. 


The scavenger hunt was shown at the APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology)- Infection Prevention and You annual conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center. It ran reliably through the course of the conference and was well received by both the client and conference goers that experienced it.