We are a full service interactive experience production house, specializing in unique, immersive experiences for a Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR). Here are some of our select projects.

AR Scavenger Hunt

RL Solutions

We produced an augmented reality scavenger hunt for RL Solutions medical technology company to encourage engagement at their conference booth. Visitors who find all of the hidden cards on the puzzle wall win a prize.

More companies than ever are using AR to engage with new customers and leave a fun and long-lasting impression.


AR Christmas Tree

VR Scout

Pioneering a new approach to the party guest book, this augmented reality Christmas tree allows guests to add a personalized ornament and view the ornaments of other participants.

Most smart-phones are capable of AR, which makes it a great option for reaching a wide audience.


VR Swing


Construct Studio partnered with acclaimed artist Anna Landa to create the VR installation Swingscape for The Festival of the Impossible. As if having swung too far, the guest swings in an upside-down fantasy world as a massive city hangs from the world above them.

Virtual Reality has become a popular medium in the fine art and popup sector. This installation attracted more than 200 guests each day.



The Last Star

Our medical simulation allows a therapist to drop their patient into a variety of potentially triggering environments and situations. This provides a safe environment to learn and practice coping methods to be used in the real world.

The complexities and expense of medical care and training make it a prime candidate in virtual reality.


VR Game 


the Price of Freedom

Set in the Cold War, this VR game series tells the terrifyingly true story of MK Ultra, the CIA program that set out to control people’s minds. The Price of Freedom has been enjoyed by audiences all over the world and was featured in the Sundance Film Festival.

Storytelling is at the core of everything we do. Whether it’s the story of a brand or one of espionage and intrigue, a strong emotional impact is the key to forging a lasting impact on the viewer.


Film & TV


We’ve worked with a number of film and television studios to plan VR marketing campaigns and location-based installations to promote upcoming films and shows.

We are expert VR and AR storytellers. Whether it’s creative consultation, rapid prototyping or a full production, we’ve got the tools and expertise to make it happen.


immersive training

undisclosed client

Businesses with at least 100 employees spend roughly $1,200 on employee training each year. Other “hidden costs” include the instructors time, instruction materials and equipment, which make medical and military training particularly expensive.

VR/ AR lowers, or in some cases even outright erases these hidden expenses by allowing employees to train in 3D without spending money on physical equipment, instructors or dedicated training facilities.

How We Can Help Your Business


Trainees can use VR to practice essential skills without wasting expensive one-time-use supplies or placing lives at risk.

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Online Sales

AR allows consumers to see how a product would appear in front of them, without visiting the store or clicking “checkout”. This helps users make better and faster decisions.

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Current VR/AR is the best way to immerse your audience, especially younger demographic groups, in a visceral experience of your product.

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